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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

HE DIDN'T HAVE A LOT OF MONEY, was divorced, three little kids in tow, and he wanted to buy them a house. He knew it wouldn't be perfect, but he appreciated it would be "HOME"; not some cramped temporary apartment, some "where do we go when the lease is up?"

We found something on Diana Street in Seminole Heights. It wasn't pretty, but it was structurally sound, had its own yard, and enough room to breathe.

It was a different picture of real estate than what I had originally painted. I had great contacts from the many years in Bay Area T.V. news, and, having sold real estate in Miami to pay for graduate school, I knew I could do it again, and make a good living. But, it was "Diana" that opened my eyes to the real joy I take in real estate: Take whatever pieces of the puzzle I'm given and make them work for my clients: Aesthetically, monetarily, emotionally.

A passion for art, and architecture, creating, and improving, drives the puzzle solving. There are myriad challenges: helping a beer budget client adjust their champagne tastes; helping a high-end client tactfully understand their lovely home is dated; showing a buyer how, with a little imagination, to shine up a diamond in the rough; creative approaches to negotiating tough deals.

Like T.V., it's storytelling, just a different medium.

A few examples:

--I had a lovely, high-end listing in Sunset Park: Size, yard, amenities, pool, location. What's not to like? But, the place needed some magic. With my clients' willingness to listen to constructive input, it became a stunning "home resort"; increasing the value for pennies on their investment dollar.

--I had some young, successful clients who loved a particular, new home in Palma Ceia. And, with a little help from Photoshop, showing inexpensive tweaks, I was able to quickly show them the marvelous potential.

--Dear clients in Beach Park couldn't decide if they should market their home as a three bedroom, or convert the playroom to a new master. Knowing a four bedroom would sell faster than a three, I drew up some floor plans for the playroom conversion, submitted them to a engineer, and, puzzle solved.

Every home is a puzzle. It may just need a little make-up, or a whole new facelift. And, it's a stimulating challenge to insure the return is exponentially greater than the investment.

So, back to "Diana". My client and outgrown it, and was willing to invest in some ideas I had for him. After expenses he walked away with a 100% profit on his total investment. Puzzle solved.

How can I help you solve your real estate puzzle? For me, it's about knowledge, integrity, experience, and, creativity; getting you the most money when you sell, and heling you realize the greatest potential when you buy.

Take a refreshing dive into the video, "ROMANCING THE HOME", at the beginning of the website. OH WHAT A LIFE!

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